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Jan 31, 2020

Lands, lands, lands! Today the cast dissects the format's best color-fixing lands, noting which cycles they like, which they don't, which ones are the most popular on EDHREC, and where and when to play the best of the best.

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Question, comment,...

Jan 24, 2020

Just like Achilles, every Commander deck has a secret weakness. It's not about opponents having the perfect answer to your strategy - sometimes there's a hidden weak point in the deck itself... one the deck brewer may not even know, that can be the deck's downfall. Today the EDHRECast digs through tons of deck...

Jan 17, 2020

This isn't just any set review! EDHRECast, CMDR Central, Commander Cookout, and Commander Social have embarked upon an epic odyssey crossover to review all the amazing new cards from Theros Beyond Death! This is part FOUR, where members of each show have gathered to discuss the best legendary creatures of the set....

Jan 10, 2020

It's a new year, and a new EDHRECast! Joey, Matt, and Dana have officially moved to video, and begin with a spicy topic: what was the best set from all of 2019? Can the data on EDHREC help us find out? Tune in for a data-driven deep dive through a whole year's worth of awesome Commander sets!


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Jan 3, 2020

Sometimes the devil is in the details, but sometimes victory is in the details, too! Joey, Matt, and Dana evaluate some tiny habits, tricks, and tips that Magic players can use to gain an extra edge during gameplay, from the ways they tap their mana, the ways they time their spells, and even by paying closer attention...